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Our core business includes the acquisition and management of commercial and residential property and land development; together with the provision of venture capital for well-managed, profitable businesses.


50 years experience and over 100 separate development projects


Supporting renewables and electricity storage markets


Using our knowledge and experience in property asset management


Consensus Capital brings together the property and investment interests of Mark Emlick and draws on expert knowledge in property development and asset management to grow long term value.

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27 October 2020
Global clinical research Charles River laboratories Heriot Watt

Global clinical research Charles River laboratories

Global clinical research Charles River laboratories Heriot Watt is expanding its operations in the East of Scotland with the opening of a new administrative office at Heriot-Watt Research Park in Edinburgh.
3 October 2020
Edinburgh science park redevelopment

Edinburgh science park redevelopment

The 32,000 square foot science lab and office redevelopment at the Heriot-Watt Research Park in Edinburgh is based at Clearwater House, the former location of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.
28 September 2020
Moskito Bar and Kitchen

Grand vision Chester Street Edinburgh

Consensus Capital Group recently completed the transformation of a four floor Edinburgh townhouse from commercial office building back to its original residential glory. An interview with Nicky Murray Design London. Read the full interview here...