Liff Development




The Liff Development is an exciting new venture by Consensus Capital set to revolutionise elderly care in Dundee. At the planning stage, this project aims to deliver a state-of-the-art 67-bed care home nestled within the serene grounds of the former Royal Dundee Liff Hospital.

Embracing the rich legacy of the site, which has recently undergone a transformative conversion into a vibrant village setting, the Liff Care Facility promises to be a beacon of excellence in dementia care and elderly living. With a focus on providing specialized care services tailored to the needs of its residents, this development represents Consensus Capital's commitment to meeting the growing demand for quality eldercare in the region.



Development Context

Located within the mature grounds of the former Royal Dundee Liff Hospital, the Liff Development embodies a seamless blend of heritage and innovation. Once a bastion of medical care, the site has been reimagined to create a tranquil and nurturing environment for the elderly. As the population ages and the demand for specialised care services grows, Consensus Capital recognises the importance of providing tailored solutions that prioritise comfort, dignity, and quality of life for residents.

The Liff Care Facility stands as a testament to this vision, offering a holistic approach to eldercare that integrates cutting-edge amenities with the serenity of its natural surroundings.


Former Use

The transformation of the former Royal Dundee Liff Hospital into a vibrant village setting marks a significant milestone in the evolution of eldercare in Dundee. What was once a medical institution now serves as the backdrop for a pioneering venture in specialised dementia care and elderly living.

With a focus on creating a warm home environment, the Liff Care Facility will offer residents a sense of community, security, and peace of mind. Consensus Capital's investment in this project reflects not only their commitment to the care sector but also their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for seniors in the region.


Location & Amenities

Nestled within the tranquil grounds of the former Royal Dundee Liff Hospital, the Liff Care Facility offers residents a peaceful retreat amidst the bustle of city life. With its focus on providing specialised dementia care and elderly living services, this development promises to be a haven of comfort and tranquility for its residents.

Moreover, its strategic location within a mature village setting ensures easy access to essential amenities and services, fostering a sense of belonging and community among residents. As Consensus Capital embarks on this exciting venture, they aim to not only grow their presence in the care sector but also to set a new standard for excellence in eldercare within the region.