Grand vision Chester Street Edinburgh

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A Grand Vision Chester Street Edinburgh

Consensus Capital Group recently completed the transformation of a four floor Edinburgh townhouse from commercial office building back to its original residential glory. A grand vision Chester Street Edinburgh

We interviewed the interior designer who worked on the project to find out a little more about her thought processes and decisions along the way.

Nicky Murray of NMDesign London.

NMD must have been very excited to get the opportunity to work on a project like the Chester Street renovation. Turning a commercial office back into a home is a grand project with ambitious vision!  The property is in a fantastic location.  Its certainly a grand vision Chester Street Edinburgh. Who do you think might enjoy living here?

“This is very much a family sized house, with all the facilities needed to make it a lovely home! Including great access to town without driving

Did you have an inhabitant in mind when you designed it?

“Due to its size, we stuck to the idea of a family taking residence.  Most probably a professional couple with a growing family, and maybe even elderly parents.  The property has a garden flat at the basement level, so it is ideal for a large extended family.”

How did you decide upon the overall interior design scheme for the renovation? 

“The scheme we decided for the property was to maintain the beautiful original features, working with this eclectically to create a classic home with a contemporary accent. “

Can you tell me a bit about what inspired you to decorate the property?

“The original architecture dictated the style for us, by using a warm heritage colour palette, and soft layered ambient lighting.”

I see you used tasteful greys throughout to bring the whole style together with a lovely mix of metallic, soft and hard textures, shiny reflections and the odd colour thrown in to bring the whole interior design alive!  What is your current favourite colour and what do you think will be popular next season?

“We love to use colour. However sometimes feel the classier way to achieve this is to actually take a great neutral, warm base tone and then accent with the a very strong 10% of colour, including in the mix of metals and textures to create an overall feel of warm luxury. “

Do you use a specific kitchen/bathroom supplier?

“Not always!

I saw a lot of lovely art on the walls in the photos.  Who were the artists you used throughout the property?

“Russell Young, Guido Mocafico, and Picasso. Edgy artists to create more of a talking point.”

What inspired the snakes?

“The photographer Guido Mocafico, his use of nature with colour, and clarity is most best fake rolex daytona 116519 incredible!! It’s not just about the snakes it’s about how he photographs them.”

Do you have a favourite room of this new home?

“The kitchen, bespoke designed with Buccini. “

The property has undergone a complete renovation, a four floor townhouse with self contained garden flat including garden make-over by Josh Dow has posted his case study of the project on his website HERE.

The work at Chester street certainly fits the tilfaeldig farve dryptips 3 description Grand vision Chester Street Edinburgh.




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