Mark Emlick


Mark Emlick

Mark Emlick

In the early 2000s, fuelled by a vision to revolutionise the financial services industry, Mark Emlick founded Consensus Capital plc. His goal was to create a firm that not only provided top-tier financial services but also prioritised transparency, ethical practices, and sustainable growth.

Building strong relations

For over three decades we have grown our portfolio, learning some valuable lessons along the way; the investment decisions we make today are born out of that experience.

The most important of these lessons is that strong relationships provide the bedrock for successful investment. We apply this fundamental principle across every aspect of our business and we see the benefits:

  • Businesses that succeed and grow
  • Property development projects that are completed and sold
  • Strong, positive relationships with the businesses we invest in
  • Valuable financial insight that underpins robust decision making

Philanthropy & Community Engagement

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mark Emlick is deeply committed to philanthropy and community development. He believes in leveraging his success to give back to society and has been involved in numerous charitable initiatives.

His philanthropic philosophy is rooted in the belief that financial success should be used as a tool to create positive social impact. This commitment to social responsibility has earned him numerous accolades and the respect of both peers and community leaders.

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