Property Development at Edinburgh Mews

Tucked behind the North West side of Edinburgh’s iconic New Town is an unlikely dead-end with a row of mews properties behind the grander town houses of Edinburgh’s spectacular West End. Undeveloped for many years, an Edinburgh mews garage property owned by Consensus Capital Group has now been given a new leash of life.

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A Historic Property

The historic mews property, describes a 17th + 18th Century row of houses built to be used as stables with carriage houses below and living quarters above. Latterly re-purposed as garages below upper flats. Mews properties remain very popular living spaces for those who wish to live in smaller historic properties within walking distance of the city centre. The old stable areas have long since been converted into garages for cars on the whole.

An exciting transformation

As a result of the growing crisis of housing, there is a new development taking place in these mews garage properties. Some are under going a new transformation into ground floor flats.

Mark Emlick

Mark Emlick, Chairman of Consensus Capital procured such a garage and recently completed a transformation from plain garage to gorgeous luxury apartment on a quite cul de sac lane, just 10 minute walk from the city centre.

Of course we met planning and building control challenges along the way: “Converting a mews garage property into a modern one bedroom residential property is not a simple task” says Mark Emlick: Chairman of the specialist property development company Consensus Capital Group…

“Applying for the necessary permissions was easy enough once we had our proposal designed and cbdfx zerstaeuben von cbd oel kaffee planned. But once we installed the ceiling, with fire and sound proofing we had to adapt the lighting system so as not to compromise the newly installed fire safety layers. Wall lights were our solution as we couldn’t lower the ceiling to use spotlights.”

An Inspirational Development

Mark Emlick added “We also had to adapt our kitchen appliance plans due to listed building status and we weren’t allowed to install a gas flue into the building.”

Compromises are met as necessary but despite the normal challenges of property developing, we think the end result looks great!

To show you the garage transformation take a look at the floor plans before and after…

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