Welcome Consensus Capital Group new website

Mark Emlick ccg New website

Welcome! Consensus Capital Group new website

Thank you for visiting our brand new website.  We’re delighted to have you here and very excited to finally announce the launch of Consensus Capital Group online. Much work has gone into collating this site to present our portfolio of work, so please browse the Team and Deals  section to get an idea of the broad range of our abilities and specialisms across a variety of sectors.

Mark Emlick, chairman of Consensus Capital Group, heads a smart team of diverse professionals to advise various businesses on a wide range of business expertise. Business management, value creation and generating future opportunities is what we do best.

The range of our work is extensive and we cover everything from finance, business development consultancy, intelligent investment opportunities, future tech investments, inner city housing restorations, social housing projects, national grid infrastructure development and green energy investments.

We will be updating our news section from time to time with our latest developments and press releases. So please check back regularly.

For more information, you can contact the Consensus Capital Group Team through our contact page.