What makes us who we are


Mark Emlick leads a strong team of business, finance and property professionals - people respected for their sectoral knowledge and the breadth and depth of their financial expertise.

For over three decades we have grown our portfolio, learning some valuable lessons along the way; the investment decisions we make today are borne out of that experience.

The most important of these lessons is that strong relationships provide the bedrock for successful investment. We apply this fundamental principle across every aspect of our business and we see the benefits:

  • Businesses that succeed and grow
  • Property development projects that are completed and sold
  • Strong, positive relationships with the businesses we invest in
  • Valuable financial insight that underpins robust decision making
"Over and over again we have experienced the benefits of strong partnerships, as we have seen the difference that the right business support makes. Developing close working relationships is in our DNA.”

Mark Emlick, Chief Executive, Consensus Capital

Quick thinking
In-depth research
Rigorous due diligence
Dynamic investment

At Consensus Capital we specialise in real estate and private equity asset management.

Our dynamic business interests encompass commercial and residential property development. We also offer active investment to create value for emerging and mid-sized companies. Our portfolio includes significant interests in emerging energy companies.